About HostLink

HostLink founded by Daniel Watson in 2016 started off as just an idea, in January 2016 HostLink became more than just an idea, it became a Business. Since beginning operations HostLink has become a leader in Web Hosting and Network Operations, based in Melbourne, Victoria Australia HostLink provides great quality services at competitive rates to a world wide clientele.

HostLink expands a network of data centres in both Australia and America, extending it's reach to have an international presence. With the extensive knowledge and expertly trained team of staff working at HostLink, they ensure that HostLink and it's customers are supported twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

After HostLink began operations they quickly became noticed and with the fast growing business came the need for expansion, subsequently HostLink acquired GloVine in 2016 as part of it's plan to expand in range of hosting services and Networking solutions.

HostLink continues to grow at a rapid rate taking the industry by storm, providing excellent customer service and customer satisfaction with more plans and projects in the works customers can be assured that HostLink will continue to grow and offer new services.

Our Values

Committed to providing the highest quality and unmatched hosting services on the net.


Enterprise hardware, business software.


High performance stress cable network.


99.99% Up-time Guarantee.


Fibre Network, Gbps network.


Commitment, Respect, Safety, Security and Sustainability.


Network Security, Secured data centres, ddos protection.